Pinterest is a Go!

I’ve started posting patterns from my first book on Pinterest.  My plan is to share Pinterest Sized (736 pixel wide) copies of each pattern / mandala from all my published books on Amazon.  Right now 120 patterns have been made into books (with another 40 to soon be released in book 4) so releasing a few each day will keep me going for several months!

Am I mad for doing this?  Yes… and No.  Right now, Amazon limits how many pages of a book can be previewed using their ‘Look-Inside’ content viewer.  So to help new customers see every available pattern, I’m posting them online.  The great thing about Pinterest is if someone likes a pattern, they can 1) share it with their friends; 2) get a direct link to the book on Amazon and 3) print a small version of the pattern for them to test drive.

Will this all work?  I hope so.  I’m hoping it also raises awareness of the books and drives a few more sales.  If you are a Pinterest Pinner, please follow my Board. Or follow me on Pinterest.

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