My newsletter is ALIVE!

Thanks to my wonderful (and tech savvy) wife, my newsletter service is now working!!!

Heather looked over the MailChimp service and figured out its interface and system fairly quickly.  With plenty of tests and speedy mouse clicks, she got my newsletter up and running.  I am so grateful for her help.  She is the best!

Give it a spin and sign up for my monthly newsletter (click on Newsletter at the top of my website).  By signing up you will get a free PDF copy of my fourth adult coloring book, Pencil Me In, Patterns and Mandalas.  It is loaded with 40 really cool images for colorists of all ages.  If you like this free book, check out my other three adult coloring books available today on Amazon.

Share and Enjoy!

woman working repairman electrician

Never Fear, Super Heather is here!

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