10 Sites for Free & Legal Blog Images


Image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s always nice to have a cool image to go along with a blog post. It helps to drive home a story and gives the reader an indication to what the article is about.  Finding these cool images, that can be legal to use, is easy thanks to several sites.

  1. Getty Images: It is the 500 lb gorilla.  It is easy to find the code to embed these into your site, however you can’t uses these on a WordPress Site (without a plugin).
  2. Free Digital Photos:  free images, and if you like one, you can purchase a high res version.  Only problem with this site is the lengthy the download process.
  3. Free Range Stock:  Nice images, but take care where you click, as the top search results are towards paid images.
  4. Texture Zoom:  textures for wallpaper and blog backgrounds.
  5. Flickr:  Flickr has a whole section specific for creative commons and public domain images.  Just select the level of CC and search for an image.
  6. Fancy Crave: limited selection of stock, however they are nice images.
  7. Free Images:  Large selection of images
  8. Pixabay:  Another large repository of images
  9. IM Creator:  Limited selection, but nice images
  10. Stock Fault:  Professional level images.  No registration required.
  11. And you can always to a google search for ‘Images for Blogs’

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