Podcast – Writing Excuses

I really enjoy listening to podcasts!  I can listen while driving, walking the dog, working out, almost anywhere.  There are a few that really stand out for me and I eagerly await the next episode.  I thought I would start an Every-Friday podcast review to share those podcasts that stand out and truly help, entertain or educate their listener.

The week I want to say a big Thank You to the folks at the Writing Excuses Podcast! (comes out weekly)

The Writing Excuses Podcast is one that I’ve recently come upon but has been around for awhile.  Big name authors (Brandon Sanderson, Mary R. Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells) entertain while at the same hand out very useful advice on writing and marketing stories.  I enjoy their fun banter and find 98.42% of their wisdom useful.  The only downfall of the podcast is the shockingly poor (read crappy) audio quality level.  Your ears will bleed, but your mind will sore… soar!

Writing Excuses Podcast

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